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Misdiagnosis: Harm and Evidence

Linguistics and Dialects of American Sign Language

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In the population of hearing children, there exists a “disproportionate referral of bilingual and culturally diverse students to special education and other related services” (Crowley, 2003).

There is evidence of misdiagnosis in:
  • African American students who speak Ebonics.
  • d/Deaf African American students.

The Effects of Misdiagnosis
    When a lack of knowledge about the differences between a communication disorder and dialect exist, many unnecessary services drain the already limited resources that are given to help in the education of our children.  Misdiagnosis is often harmful to the child since it takes him or her away from the regular education classroom and attaches labels that affect the kind of services he or she needs (Crowley, 2003).  For this reason, educators need to be more aware of these differences.

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